Our mission is to contribute to good ethical review infrastructure and to coordinate our efforts closely with related themes like research data management, research integrity and privacy.  

Our main activities in 2018

  • Updating the ethical review page on the website, by adding general information and contacts for ethical review per faculty. 

  • The first outline of what is needed to properly organise ethical review and data management at EUR, including budget details
  • Inventory of the state of affairs within the faculties. 
  • Collecting data to gain insight into the required capacity for scientific review.
  • Comparing existing ethical review boards checklists. 
  • Program of requirements for digital workflow system to support the ethical review boards.
  • Organising discussions with various stakeholders (the Data team, CIO office, information services, faculties and the workgroup implementation of the new code of conduct on research integrity).

Our main activities in 2019

  • Presenting a note to the research directors, together with the workgroup implementation of the new code of conduct on research integrity

  • Implementation:
    • Recruitment of the necessary personnel
    • Purchasing and installing a support system
    • Communication plan
    • Asses current training options; organising additional training
    • Sharing expertise and coordinating progress