Research Data Management

Our mission is to promote high-quality Research Data Management (RDM) Services for all researchers at the Erasmus University. Together with RDM experts within our university, we strive to develop and improve RDM solutions that can be applied throughout the university. 

With Research Data Management we support research, by

  • bringing RDM experts together within a community
  • developing a work plan for the community
  • pro-actively sharing knowledge 
  • defining requirements for training, tools and expertise
  • sharing best practices as well as lessons (to be) learned

The composition of the RDM community

The community exists of representatives from each faculty, CIO and the University Library. Representatives can be local data analysts, data scientists, data stewards or other research service professionals.

Our achievements in 2018

  1. Creation of a Data Management Plan template 
  2. EUR document vault: secure storage space for (highly) sensitive data and collaboration tool.
  3. SURFdrive and SURFfilesender: storage space for less sensitive data
  4. High-Performance Computing: in collaboration with SURF-Sara
  5. Data Protection Impact Assessment for Research Projects in collaboration with CISO
  6. Data Management Plan development: training sessions on a regular basis and on demand
  7. Monthly RDM training sessions for researchers and research service professionals
  8. Legal support for RDM
  9. Awareness: EUR privacy days in collaboration with CIO-office