Research Intelligence

Our mission is to encourage and facilitate the highest quality research by Erasmus University Rotterdam. Through quality research analytics - provided with essential contextual knowledge - we offer expert advice and support analysis on strategic intelligence topics of concern to individual researcher, research groups and the Erasmus University as a whole.

How Research Intelligence supports research

1. Informative advice and support

2. Improvement of the quality of research analytics

3. Identifying research expertise

4. Innovation

We work closely with researchers, research groups, Executive Board, deans, and research directors. So that we can advise them in, for example, making strategic choices in their research focus, maximising scientific or societal impact, talent recruitment, strengthening and developing collaborations. 

Our main activities

  • Individual researchers and research groups

    • Advice and training on Research Intelligence

    • (Interdisciplinary) publication advice

    • Workshops about the use of bibliometric analysis tools
    • Workshops author identifiers
    • Development of a Research Impact course
  • Faculties, institutes and University-wide departments

    • Support with nominations for prizes or appointments

    • Support with research assessments

    • Support on the development of the EUR strategy 2024
  • Innovation and increasing the overall research quality

    • Erasmus University Rotterdam is the organiser of the programme Quality and Relevance of Research with conferences, workshops and evaluative studies

Our main activities in 2019

  • Individual researchers and research groups

    • Advice and training on Research Intelligence analytical tools, such as SciVal, InCites, Altmetric, Dimensions

    • Mapping worldwide Creative Industry research

  • Faculties, institutes and university-wide departments

    • Supporting the accreditation Erasmus School of Health, Policy & Management (ESHPM)

    • Supporting the research assessment Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC)

    • Supporting the self-evaluation of Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM)
    • Supporting Erasmus School of Law with an output analysis and publication advice
  • Innovation and increasing the overall research quality

    • Instruction on the use of scientific output tools for policy advisors and RIS managers

    • Support the establishment of indicators for societal impact

    • Research into possible indicators for quality and relevance of research that take into account the differences between research fields, in collaboration with the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) and TU Delft
    • Producing a dashboard with research management information, in close collaboration with Business Intelligence Competence Centre (BICC)
    • Organising the Research Intelligence Network Netherlands (RINN)
    • Quality and Relevance of Research: Organising an International Invitational Workshop on Experimentation in the field of Evaluative Studies on Research Outcomes