Open Access based on the Taverne amendement

In 2019, the library offered to give Open Access an extra boost with the Taverne pilot. This pilot was based on the Taverne amendment which enables to publish articles in publisher version in Open Access via the local repository.

The aim of the pilot was to substantially and structurally increase the number of EUR publications in Open Access and to gain experience with publishing based on the Taverne amendment.

Although the pilot has been completed, the possibility remains to publish publications in Open Access based on the Taverne principles. Minimum conditions are:

  • the publication is fully or partially funded by Dutch public funds,
  • created by (co-) author (s) who are employed by EUR and
  • is an article or book chapter in an "edited collection".

More information
With this form of Open Access publishing it is important that you inform yourself well about the conditions and any risks. For more information about Taverne and the special conditions, please contact Joy Dijksman via: