Quality of Open Access journals

When publishing it is important to use a journal of good quality that fits your article. Here you find tips and tricks to assess the quality of an open access journal.

Journal browser

In the Erasmus Journal Browser, is a rich source of information about scholarly journals and their Open Access policies. You can quickly check whether there is an arrangement between Erasmus University and a publisher covering the Article Processing Charges.

Directory of open access journals

All journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) are peer reviewed, which is a general indication of their quality. The DOAJ listing only covers journals that are 100% Open Access, leaving out hybrid journals. 

Think, check, submit

A large international consortium of publishers and open access-advocates has initiated the  Think, Check, Submit campaign. They set up a check list to help researchers assess the quality of a journal.

How to spot dubious or predatory publishers

The University Library created “Watch out for predatory journals and publishers”, an online module that helps you identify publishers you want to avoid.

Open Access publishing

Also, check the library's e-learning module on Open Access Publishing

More information
For more information contact Joy Dijksman via: openaccess.library@eur.nl