Register and upload your publication

What is Metis?

Metis is the research information and registration system of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) from which management information can be generated with regard to the output (publications) of researchers.

    • In addition to Metis, the modules Promas, Personal Metis and Hora Finita are in use.
      With Promas, researchers can retrieve their information form Metis and easily include it in their profile. They can easily customize this profile. For example, information such as publications, expertise and research project and education can be included in the profile.
    • Personal Metis offers the researcher the opportunity to upload his/her own publications. Currently, more than half of the faculties make use of this. The faculties that do not make use of Personal Metis have a centralized facility for uploading their publications.
    • Hora Finita is the module that is used for the registration of the PhD defence procedure. 
    • Profile management system for the researcher to create a personal webpage. In Promas the general expertise, recognition and other research-related activities can be added.

      Registration of the Defence Procedure for PhD’s under the supervision of the Beadle’s Office.

    • Metis Data Entry and Control for the management of publications and other research-related information from researchers by Faculty Key users

      Personal Metis Management Module intended to support the Faculty Key users to manage the publications of their researchers.

      Promas management module intended to support the Faculty Key users to manage the profiles of their researchers.