Young Erasmus

Young Erasmus (YE) is a network of young scientists that was founded in April 2013 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). YE strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • The formation and strengthening of a network of excellent researchers at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. 
  • The strengthening of interdisciplinary partnerships and contacts among excellent young researchers.
  • Advising the EUR Executive Board on matters relating to the academic- and research policy.
  • The strengthening of the profile of the EUR within the public domain.

Selection of new member

The selection of new members for the Young Erasmus Academy will be starting in September 2017. Membership of the YEA-network is for a period of five years. This year five till ten new members are appointed. This appointment is based on nomination and is preceded by a selection procedure.

For more information, send an e-mail to