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  • Requester and project leader: CLI

  • Project manager CLI: Ivar van de Loo

Creating a clear overview of required skills for campus education and online education and expand relevant training offerings

All students enter higher education from a unique personal context and with a unique set of skills based on personal talent, motivation, interest and previously acquired competences. Teachers nevertheless expect a certain skills benchmark to be the same for all students, but indicate that students generally lack certain skills. This, combined with the growing range of courses and programmes available, makes it more difficult for students to choose a form of education that perfectly suits their needs and helps them improve their skills. Taking online classes requires different skills, a different "proficiency level" of different skills and different prerequisites than taking on-campus education.

Therefore, on the one hand, we want to inform students about this by creating an overview of required skills and prerequisites for on-campus education and online education. And on the other hand, we want to develop versatile and relevant tools to support students in improving their skills at different levels and disciplines during their (online) learning journey.


The aim of this innovation project is, first of all, to inform students by providing insight into the skills and other prerequisites required for on-campus and online education. We also want to expand the range of training courses around developing and improving skills. 


The project is still under development. When the project has been evaluated, the results will be published here.

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