Smoke-free campus

From 1 August 2020 all university’s locations are completely smoke-free. From now on, the legal measure with regard to smoke-free education enters force. The smoking ban applies 24/7 to all students, employees, suppliers, residents and other campus users, without exceptions and to all tobacco and smoking goods.

Erasmus University Rotterdam fully supports this measure, because of the great importance of a healthy working and learning environment. Smoking and passive smoking are causing substantial health problems in the Netherlands. Research has shown that the earlier adolescents are confronted with smoking, the chance they will become addicted to smoking increases. Many adolescents start smoking when they go to university.

Smoking off-campus

From 1 August 2020, smoking will only be permitted outside the camp sites. At all entrances on the campus border there are signs indicating the campus boundaries. In the short term, special cigarette bins will be installed at the edges of the campus, on municipal land, to prevent pollution.

Enforcement of smoking ban

The EUR will monitor compliance with the smoking ban, consisting of informing, addressing, monitoring, recording and taking measures. The latter is laid down in the Regulations maintaining order EUR Buildings, Grounds and Facilities. In addition, the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) will enforce the law on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport from 1 January 2021. If fines imposed on the EUR for violation of this law can be traced back to a person, association or organisation, the EUR can recover these fine(s) from the person, association or organisation concerned.

Staff member and smoking?

Because you are no longer allowed to smoke on campus, this most likely means a change in your daily routine, because you have to walk further, and this takes more time. The basic principle is that smoking should not interfere with work and working hours. The manager and the employee make agreements about this with each other (see information smoking policy).

Quit smoking

For staff and students who want to quit smoking but just need motivation, EUR offers support on certain aspects. View all options which are available on MyEUR.

Project team 

  • Laura Hofstee, policy advisor Real Estate & Facility Services (projectmanager)
  • Annemiek Kuijsten, department manager Services (RE&F)
  • Naomi van der Maden, policy advisor Human Resources
  • Joop Matthijsse, unit manager Education & Student Affairs
  • Jelle Jager, Security advisor
  • Wim Hanemaaijer, location manager and teamleader Stewards
  • Kirsten van der Worp, advisor Marketing & Communication

Steering committee 

  • Marijke Weustink, managing director Real Estate & Facilities (chairman)
  • Lilian Jillissen, managing director Education & Student Affairs
  • Lieke Skidmore-Vencken, managing director Human Recourses
  • Mireille Spapens, managing director Marketing & Communications
  • Denise Korthals-Altes, Legal Affairs advisor
  • Aisha de Valk-Abubaker, Facilities and Services Manager RSM (on behalf of faculties)
  • U-council delegation

Think tank

The think tank consists of people with expertise or an interest in the field of behavioural change and/or smoking, for instance from ESSB, ESE, ESPHIL, Healthy'R, UB. If you are interested in thinking along with us, you can send an e-mail to

Other stakeholders

In addition to the members of the steering group, project group and think tank, other people and organisations are involved, such as RE&F, HR, ABD, the municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

General Measure of Governance

The Ministry of Public Health (VWS) is drawing up a General Measure of Governance on smoke-free school grounds and this measure enters force on 1 August 2020. This means that all school grounds (from primary school to HBO / University) must be completely smoke-free.

The aim is to support and stimulate people to make healthier choices, to obtain better health. need less healthcare and set a good example to their children to quit smoking or smoke less. Measures are aimed at allowing children to grow up in a smoke and tobacco-free environment, preventing adolescents from starting to smoke and limiting having nuisance of others’ smoke.

Frequently asked questions and information

If you have a comment or a question, please contact us by sending an mail to You can also have a look in the FAQs below.

  • The General Measure of Governance for smoke-free school sites, which is drawn up by the Ministry of Public Health (VWS), is in force on 1 August 2020. This means that all school sites (from primary school to Higher Professional Education/University) must be completely smoke-free.

  • Yes. The General Measure of Governance for smoke-free school sites, which is drawn up by the Ministry of Public Health (VWS), is in force on 1 August 2020. This means that all school sites (from primary school to Higher Professional Education/University) must be completely smoke-free.

  • On the website Smokefree you will find a lot of information and tips about quitting smoking.In addition, you can get advice from your doctor and possibly a referral to a course or program 'Stop smoking'.

    Attention!From January 2020, this will be reimbursed at a lot of health insurers.Pay attention to this when choosing your health care provider.

  • Cigarette butts can be thrown away in the special waste bins outside the campus, at the campus borders (these are not yet everywhere and will be placed in the coming months).

  • Because a smoking break takes much more time, you can experience some difficulties with your working hours. The basic principle is that smoking should not stand in the way of work and working hours. Discuss this point with your manager because the manager and the employee must make agreements about this together.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the parking due to a fire hazard.In addition, the car parks are part of the campus grounds, so you are not allowed to smoke there due to the smoking ban on all university's locations.