Social Valorisation

Besides advancing knowledge production and education, the RGHI emphasizes areas of social valorisation closely linked to the core research of the broad array of RGHI participants.

Integrated health financing, equity and access

RGHI can be asked for expert contributions to strategic health financing, setting up health financing infrastructure and services in performance based financing in health, UHC. The RGHI team can be called upon for state-of-the-art research valorization in the face of big international demand for integrating health-financing modalities and innovative dialogue on equity, access and health. RGHI expertise comprises:

Urban public health services

RGHI can assist as knowledge partner in urban policy and planning, health and sanitation, and health services development in urban settings. This work pertains to TA in:

  • New urban health challenges and models
  • Socio-economic health differences
  • Developing integrated primary care strategies
  • Global urban health and infectious diseases,
  • Modeling for infectious diseases and NCDs
  • Health and social policies design

Improving quality in health service delivery and management

RGHI can provide assistance in developing quality systems and improving the quality of service delivery in low and middle- income settings. RGHI has in-house expertise to support innovative humanitarian logistics programs and services to improve the logistics of health service delivery.
RGHI draws on Rotterdam’s leading research groups in:

Health policy, governance and impact evaluation

RGHI participants engage in frontline work on governance, policy development and impact evaluation.
Institutional and clinical governance

  • Health policy development
  • Health as human right
  • Ethical/Humanities dimensions of global health development
  • Monitoring of health development programs
  • Impact evaluation studies and methodological innovation

New global health architecture and knowledge innovation

Several teams in RGHI can be called upon for TA in innovations in international knowledge production and global health infrastructure. This involves: