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Rotterdam: where law meets business.

Do you want to study Law? At Erasmus University, in the dynamic and diverse city of Rotterdam, Law is one of the main areas of research and education. A distinguishing feature of the education provided by Erasmus University Rotterdam is the combination of academic training, international orientation and social relevance - education that is closely interwoven with excellent scientific research. Start your international legal career in the Netherlands, with one of our highly ranked bachelor, master or executive programmes.

Erasmus University Rotterdam has a strong social- and business-driven orientation. The motto of the law undergraduate and postgraduate programmes is therefore ‘Where law meets business’.

Law orientated bachelor programmes

Dubbele bachelor en master in Economie en Recht

Vind je economie en rechten interessant? Kun je niet kiezen? Doe dan het Mr.drs.programma! Twee studies in 6 jaar, in plaats van 8. Voor aanpakkers met hoge cijfers.

Law orientated master programmes

Commercial and Company Law

Commercial and Company Law: provides you with the legal aspects of doing business in an international setting.

International and European Union Law

Explore the processes and consequences of increased economic integration, which are ongoing both within the European Union and internationally.

International Trade Law

This LL.M. covers the legal aspects of international trade and commerce. It is exclusively focused on international commercial law.

Legal Theory

Would you like to specialise in philosophy of law? Or specifically in socio-legal studies? Or would you prefer to design your own study programme?

Maritime & Transport Law

The programme ‘Maritime and Transport Law’, a specialisation of the LL.M. in Commercial Law, provides you with thorough, in-depth knowledge of the dynamic world of maritime and transport law