Subthemes Vital Cities and Citizens

Over half of the world’s population lives in cities. This will have risen to 66 percent by 2050. Cities in Asia and the sub-Sahara in particular are faced with mass migration from rural areas. As a result, the poor population in these cities is growing at a rapid rate. Globalisation, technological change, international migration and growing inequality are increasing the complexity of the social structure and cultural makeup of cities worldwide.

By exploring how social changes affect city life, researchers can help cities to flourish. In this Erasmus Initiative, researchers from different disciplines work closely together to identify the conditions for equal opportunities in life, safe living environments and harmonious co-existence for an increasingly diverse population.


Inclusive Cities and Citizens

About challenging inequalities and negotiating diversity in cities.

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Resilient communities

Dit thema richt zich op de veerkracht van steden en burgers binnen verschillende gemeenschappen.

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Smart cities and citizens

Hoe gaan steden en burgers om met technologische veranderingen?

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Sustainable cities and citizens

Binnen dit thema wordt onderzoek gedaan naar de duurzaamheid van steden en burgers.

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