Testimonials Bachelor Open Day

Lois Kooij


Lois Kooij (18, Switzerland): "Liberal Arts and Sciences seems interesting"

"My mother is Dutch and I live in Switzerland. I'm currently taking a gap year. Next year, I'll start studying. In the Netherlands, because education is better here. Some family members live here as well. Liberal Arts and Sciences seems very interesting. I've visited that session this morning. In that study programme, you can combine maths with social sciences."

Sef Custers


Sef Custers (16, Hilversum): "At least I do know what I'm definitely not going to study"

"Pretty tough, making the right study choice. At least I do know what I'm definitely not going to study: medicine. I can't handle all the blood. That's not my thing. Today, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to study. My subjects are beta, alpha and economics oriented. The latter suits me well. In that case, Rotterdam seems like the right option. IBA seems interesting. I've been to a lecture and that fascinated me."

Caitlin Kong


Caitlin Kong (16, The Hague) "Today, I'm going to take a good look around"

"There is no need for me to make the choice today, because I’m not in my last year of high school yet. However, I think it is smart to be well on time. My brother is also studying in Rotterdam. I really like the city. It’s large, has nice shops and bars and it’s close to The Hague. I think it’ll be an International Programme, something with Economics. I’ll take a good look around today."