Amy Eikelenboom

In healthcare we have an obligation to relieve as many concerns of patients as possible, like compliant data exchange, as they fight for the greatest asset: health.

Amy Eikelenboom

HEPL student

Being passioned and interested in the complexity and challenges of the healthcare industry, I focused my studies on this. During the Healthcare Sciences Bachelor, I developed a specific interest for Health Economics and Health Technology Assessments, which led to choosing the Health Economics specialization of the Health Economics, Policy and Law Master. Why? Trying to put a price on something that is priceless: being healthy is for me the biggest challenge. Especially as it requires knowledge of the industry, including legal and social aspects, but also data on effectiveness and patient experiences. After graduating, I wanted to put my passion into practice by working on a compliant and innovative way to gather and exchange patient data, which we can use to improve and personalize treatments. I am lucky to have found my place being part of the Digital Health Compliance team of Deloitte where my broad, but the healthcare-specific background, can prove its value. 

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