Annefleur Siebinga

Besides my personal interest in this side of the sector, this master also seemed to be a good choice for my future career.

Annefleur Siebinga

Alumnus Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship, 2013

  • Education: Arts and Culture Studies (BA); Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship (MA); Marketing & Branding, Summer School at UC Berkeley
  • Graduated in: 2013
  • Current job: Independent Consultant; Author

“During my bachelor Arts and Culture Studies I could spend 60 ECTS on elective courses. I chose for courses at the economic faculty solely. That is why, after I finished my bachelor, I was looking for a master that was more focused on the commercial side of the cultural sector. That is how I ended up at Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship. The international aspect of the master also spoke to me. Besides my personal interest in this side of the sector, it also seemed to be a good choice for my future career.”

Career on Curacao

“In my master I focused in every assignment on subjects I thought were interesting. I looked for a subject on the Netherlands Antilles, because I had worked there a few months as a project manager for the Ministry of Economics, Culture and Social Affairs. Straight after my graduation, I got a job as a part-time project management assistant at Erasmus University. I worked for the international project Glocalfineart under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marilena Vecco. Besides that I worked as a freelancer and was looking for a fulltime job. Currently, I work as an independent consultant for multiple companies. For example, right now I am working as a Business Developer for the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands. I am also busy with my own book: How to Avoid the Other Tourists: Curacao. I visit Curacao regularly for work and conferences.”

Keep challenging yourself

“I recommend every student to keep working on themselves besides their bachelor or master, by doing extracurricular activities. Keep challenging yourself and keep pushing your own boundaries. And make sure your thesis is the best part of your study! I loved writing my thesis and I still benefit from that every day.”

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