José Delhez

RTL is very helpful in creating a great learning environment for me.

José Delhez

Interned at RTL Licensing & RTL Telekids

As an Intern Communication RTL Licensing & RTL Telekids I manage many different tasks. I make sure that I keep the RTL B.O.Z. and RTL Telekids websites and social media channels up to date by writing texts and providing (audio)-visual material. I am also highly involved with the press; I write press releases go to press and launching events or shooting days. Finally, I also contribute to the bigger picture by developing branding material and assisting in creating an overall communication plan. All these different tasks make my every day different and exciting!

Get the most out of your internship

I've already learned a lot about the world of television and what happens behind the scenes. For instance what kind of departments are needed and how they operate. Also, within the company (RTL Nederland) there are a lot of possibilities to come up with new ideas and actually bringing them to life. At first I was keeping myself in the background a bit, because I felt like I wasn't very much of a contribution as an intern. However, they are very supportive of me (and their employees/interns in general) contributing and participating in meetings, brainstorm session, etc. RTL is very helpful in creating a great learning environment for me as an intern and very concerned for the fact that any intern can really get the most out of their internship at the company. 

Bringing theories into practice

The knowledge I have gained in courses such Arts, Culture and Media, Media Entertainment and Popular Culture, Art Marketing and many more, have been very useful in my internship. It is a very nice experience to bring all the knowledge into practice for a change.

José’s advice

Really look for an internship that you're absolutely sure you're going to like, and don't just apply for anything that's arts & culture related (but that you don't necessarily find interesting). 

For a previous study program I had to do some internships that I didn't really like, because the school just assigned internships rather than letting the students apply for internships they were interested in themselves. When you don't enjoy your internship, it's very hard to make the most of it and develop your knowledge and skills. Professionally as well as personally. Therefore, my biggest piece of advice for you is to try and find something you're really interested in, and that you think you're going to enjoy!

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