Judith Ensel

The master was meant to deepen my knowledge, but was also a next step in my career.

Judith Ensel

Alumnus Arts, Culture and Society (2006)

  • Education: Leisure Management (BA); Arts, Culture and Society (MA)
  • Graduated in: 2006
  • Current job: Coordinator and Policy Advisor at Art-fact

“This master has given me a broader perspective on arts and culture, from which I can still benefit every day. When I started this master, I already worked at the Academy for Leisure, where I was involved with the cultural sector. The master was meant to deepen my knowledge, but was also a next step in my career. It made me more curious and made me realize that there never is just one solution or one way to go. Right now I am still doing courses to deepen my knowledge, because you can never learn enough about arts and culture.”

Critical attitude

“Thanks to the master I developed a vision on the function of culture and culture policy in our society. Besides that I learned how to research sources to come up with ideas, statements or working methods. I also got my critical attitude for a great part from this study.”

Culture participation

“When I decided to go look for work after I graduated, I found a job within three months as a policy officer at the department of culture from the city of Schiedam. It was my first job application and I got the job right away! In the mean time I have been working as coordinator and policy advisor at Art-fact in Tilburg for eight years. I work on the implementation of policy on culture participation, including amateur’s art, community art and art education outside of school.”

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