Sebastian Townsend-Burke

In Rotterdam it is easy to see that the concepts discussed in text books are more than just words on a page.

Sebastian Townsend-Burke

Student School of History, Culture and Communication

"When I first applied for IBACS, my end goal was to find employment in the art sector. However, just after one year on the course, I have learned that arts and culture isn’t just about paintings, film and music. It encompasses so much more than that, such as our designs for living, the way we think and what influences our choices that decide our future. With the second year right around the corner, I am very eager to begin my internship as I am confident that this will help me with my future career path and achieve my initial goal of working in the arts sector."

Youthful atmosphere and thriving culture

"Rotterdam is an excellent city to study in. There is always something interesting happening in the city and its youthful atmosphere and thriving culture makes the city all the more interesting to experience. With so many galleries, museums and exhibitions taking place, it is easy to see that the concepts learned in text books are more than just words on a page."

Valuable knowledge

"All in all, in the beginning I chose this course as a tool to find employment in the future. However, after just one year I have come to understand that there is even more valuable knowledge to be gained in addition to simply finding employment."

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