Stewards Erasmus School of Law

A job like this, which is created specifically for us, is great. I am very grateful for that.

Dean en Pieter-Bas

Stewards at Erasmus School of Law

Erasmus School of Law recently acquired two of its own caretakers, or 'stewards'. 

Early in the past summer, Dean van der Duin (26) and Pieter-Bas Graafland (21) moved into their new work premises on the sixth floor of Sanders Building. Both stewards are working at ESL within the framework of the Participation Act. This legislation is meant to provide support to people who encounter difficulties finding work through their own efforts, such as people with poor chances on the labour market.

Dean’s and Pieter-Bas’ roles were formed through job carving; they will take on tasks currently assigned to student assistants (e.g. access passes), the Deans Office, and the secretariat. Their work activities are reviewed on a regular basis to see if their tasks can be expanded.


Dean: ‘Before starting work at ESL I had already done three different programmes: my basic training course in business and sales, followed by a graphic design course, and a reupholstering course. Unfortunately I didn’t complete that one. In between these courses and programmes I tried a variety of things. Instead of immediately starting in a paid position, I decided to first explore what I could do in terms of volunteer work. This allowed me to easily and quickly gain work experience without having to spend more time at home.

Since then, I’ve had two different jobs: I was a multimedia librarian at a pre-university secondary school, and later I was desk clerk/host at an organisation for home care. In the second job I also had a lot of contact with people outside of the organisation. The advantage of a job like that is the different kinds of people you work with. That means you have to be able to interact with people in different ways. I really enjoyed that job and I noticed personal growth.

I see myself as an observer with a strong drive to perform well in my job. I prefer working in the background, because I’ve found that’s where I’m at my best. That makes a job like this at ESL, a position specially created for us, ideal. Speaking for myself, I’m very grateful for the opportunity.’

A job that really suits me

Dean’s colleague, fellow steward Pieter-Bas Graafland, had also gained considerable experience before starting at ESL: ‘After secondary school in Rotterdam, I successfully completed an Administrative Assistant programme where I specialised as a receptionist

"I wouldn't even mind if we expand our tasks."

"I also did an internship as an administrative assistant at the Gereformeerde Scholengemeenschap Randstad, and I worked at the reception desk for the Municipality of Lansingerland. In my leisure time I enjoy cooking, listening to and collecting vinyl records and singles, and watching films. I also support a group of children with an impairment who go to the gym to play every Saturday morning."

"I’m reasonably good with languages, I have good social skills, and I’m a person who enjoys working with people by helping them. That’s why I feel like I’ve found a job that really suits me here at Erasmus School of Law."

Wide range of tasks

The tasks for both stewards are quite wide in its scope. One of the tasks is to receive visitors from outside the organisation at their reception desk on the sixth floor of the Sanders Building. There’s a chance they’ll soon be receiving students at the reception desk on the second floor as well (ESL Student Information Centre). They additionally provide visitors with directions on campus and in the Sanders Building, they monitor the ‘public’ areas of the entire faculty, and they’re the custodians of the meeting rooms (which includes inspecting the rooms after they have been used). Whenever they come across any malfunctions, wear and tear, rubbish etc in or around the Sanders Building, they notify the facility services contact person.

Finally, Dean and Pieter-Bas will soon be in charge of making the arrangements for obtaining access passes, door access tags and laptops, and they’ll offer support during events. They are also available to support scholars and the secretariat where needed.

Looking for a job yourself?

Do you want to work at Erasmus University Rotterdam and do you have special needs? Mail to, so we can look at the possibilities together! 

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