Testimonial Basma Mahran

Studying at several institutions helped me to understand migration from multiple perspectives.

Basma Mahran

Alumna Governance of Migration and Diversity (Public Administration)

After obtaining my bachelor degree in Political Science from the Cairo University, I have spent five years working in several development organisations in Egypt with a specific focus on human rights issues. I developed a specific interest for migration and therefore I chose the GMD programme. The GMD programme was particularly interesting for me as it is an intersectional programme. Studying at several institutions helped me to understand migration from multiple perspectives.

The Public Administration track was also valuable to me as it opened my eyes on how policies are designed, and on the various perspectives of policy making which was very new to me. Interesting as well was connecting policies and theories to reality and practice. I was particularly amazed by the discussions in the classes; especially since my fellow students have diverse backgrounds, which definitely enriched the discussions.

Generally, studying in the Netherlands was a great decisions, as it is a very open, and diverse country with high level of freedom. Rotterdam - where I'm currently living- in particular is a super diverse city which allowed me to be exposed to various experiences and cultures which have widened my perspective on the world tremendously.

I believe the GMD programme is very suitable for fresh grads who would like to have a career in the migration field. It is also interesting for professionals since it is relatively short programme, but at the same time very intense and enriching one. I am planning to go back to Egypt after I have finished my studies to find a job in the field of migration. Preferably in protection policies, in order to transfer my knowledge and help improve the situation of migrants and refugees in my home country. 

Interested in this Master of Science? Learn more about our Governance of Migration and Diversity programme.   

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