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I knew I could make a change if I joined UC…

Dolly Vellanki

Having recently graduated from BSc International Business Administration at RSM, I had several doors open for me. Masters at RSM or work to gain some real-life experience? It was quite a dilemma and a long one at that. I decided to apply for the Erasmus Sustainability Hub board and pursue my interest in fashion and sustainability. Thought I was set, but then, right before I left to go to sunny Portugal for my holiday, I saw the announcement for the by-elections of the University Council. After quite a lot of deliberation, I decided to run for the Council. And after running a successful campaign (all the way from Brazil!), I was elected. So naturally, doing a Masters went right out the window.
I joined the University Council because I knew that if I, as a student, wanted to influence any sort of policy change or initiate projects, this would be the best spot at the table. My motivation to be a part of the Council stems from the idea that I could push the agenda for sustainability in education, campus, student initiatives, and be part of it trickling down to every decision and action taken by the university.

Within the University Council, I am vice-chairing the Personnel, Facilities, and Organization (PFO) Committee. This committee is important because it covers many important topics such as diversity & inclusion, rights and recognitions of student organizations, and of course, sustainability on campus. The council was recently presented with the plans for Roadmap Sustainable Campus which has the aim to be CO2 neutral by 2024 and eco-positive by 2030! With the committee, my goal would be supporting the implementation of the plan campus-wide, but also acting as a critical friend towards the plans created. This is especially important because being CO2 neutral and eco-positive are highly ambitious goals, which require immense personnel, organization, and time effort.

Want to have a coffee chat to talk about how to make our campus eco-positive or about literally anything else? Reach out to me at!

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