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An unknown University Council has no strength

Teun van den Akker

As the end of my board year at ERA, the study association for Philosophy, was approaching, I was looking for what I wanted to do next. I asked around and through some digging came across the University Council. As many other students, this was the first time I had heard of the UC. The fact that such an important organ of the university is so unknown, puzzled me. After learning more about the core activities the Council does and the impact it has, I was quickly drawn in. I submitted my candidacy to the University Council and quickly became one of the student members!

My main focus coming into this new challenge was to increase the visibility of the University Council. Luckily, many other members shared this same vision. Together, we worked on (re)branding the University Council with an outside expert. I look with confidence and joy to the Internal and External Affairs Committee as they carry out and expand the new brand of the University Council through events, social media, and a brand-new website.

I believe and know that the University Council has an essential role within the university. We have the power to be much more impactful if we would be supported by a majority of the students. This is however only possible if we dedicate our efforts to expanding our visibility. An unknown University Council has limited strength. Reaching out to a student body of 30,000 students is an exceptional challenge. This is why my mission for the rest of the year is to grow the University Council’s visibility through Faculty Councils, student organizations, associations, and more. Not with an impersonal e-mail but with a coffee and a smile.

Do you have ideas, questions, remarks about our beloved university? Contact me at I am always in for a cup of coffee and a conversation!

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