The empirical research in the Studio will address a number of theoretical questions that pertain to the development of e-research in the humanities and social sciences. The most important questions are:

  • does e-research lead us to redefine how we can understand the development of scholarly cultures?
  • how can we explain and understand diversity of mediated knowledge practices, for example across disciplines and specialties?
  • what roles do digital epistemic objects (eg. data, metadata, analytical tools, digital libraries) play in knowledge creation?
  • how can we use these digital epistemic objects to reformulate specific informatics problems in the humanities and social sciences in generic terms of information science, and vice versa?
  • do we need to rethink the conceptualisation of scientific labour and markets to understand the dynamics of e-research practices?
  • does the extra connectivity of e-research lead to new forms of complex relationships in social structures and does this lead to new understandings of complex systems?
  • does the operationalisation of concepts of agency, institution, textuality and infrastructure need to be revised in order to study mediation in e-research?