Top 5 data owner

Current facets (Pre-Master)

The aim of the European privacy legislation GDPR is to guarantee two interests:

  1. The protection of individuals with regard to the processing of their data
  2. The free movement of personal data within the European Union

In this digital age, your data is kept on countless places, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.
We have already put together a top 5 that you can think of the next time you leave your data somewhere:

Internet doesn’t forget
✓ be aware of what you tell online

Treat your mobile like your diary
✓ keep it secure

Your digital identity is your DNA
✓​​​​​​​ it’s personal and sacred

Protect your data like your home
✓​​​​​​​ what is yours stays yours

You have the right to be forgotten
✓​​​​​​​ make yourself sure of it