Top 5 data processor

Current facets (Pre-Master)

The aim of the European privacy legislation GDPR is to guarantee two interests:

  1. The protection of individuals with regard to the processing of their data
  2. The free movement of personal data within the European Union

In this digital age, your data is kept on countless places, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.
We have already put together a top 5 where you have to think when you work with (personal) data in your work:

Personal data is not own by the Erasmus University
✓ do not store date longer than what it is needed for  

Your responsibility goes beyond just 9 - 5
✓  be aware of what kind of data is processed

Data remain the property of the data subject
✓  remove them if requested

Never share data just like that is requested
✓ know what the other person is going to do with it and why

Record personal data only if necessary or necessary
✓ ask permission in advance