Upon return

When you return from your time abroad, you will probably want to talk about the many experiences you have had. However, be warned, some people may not even have noticed you were gone; others may be neither interested in hearing your stories nor able to relate to them. Be aware of this. Upon your return you may also miss the culture, some local habits and, of course, the friends you made during your time abroad.

Upon your return you will also have to take care of a couple of practical matters.

Study report

Depending on your faculty, you will have to submit several documents upon your return. This can be a study report which includes information about specific matters such as: preparations, the courses taken, your budget and tips to pass on to other students. It is also possible that you may have to submit a conversion proposal and attend an assessment interview, after which you will receive the final part of your grant. The specific documents that you are expected to submit can be found on your faculty’s website.

Erasmus+ report

If you have been on an exchange programme and have received an Erasmus+ grant, you will, on your return, be required to submit some specific forms and a copy of your records by email to: erasmusbeurs@eur.nl. Students who received an Erasmus+ grant for an internship will also be required to hand in some specific forms.

Continuing your international experience

If you enjoyed your experience abroad, you may want to join the international community in Rotterdam. Through the ESN Buddy Programme or a buddy programme at your faculty, you can link up with international students coming to Rotterdam. You can show your buddy around and help him or her with problems he or she might encounter. If you are Interested in the Buddy Programme please send an email to: info@esn-rotterdam.nl or your faculty for more information!

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