Economic Impact


Seaports are an essential link in international transport chains and are the linking points between continents. The import and export of a country is greatly influenced by the availability and the quality of the port infrastructure. In many port cities the port(related) activities are also an important part of the local economy. All these direct and indirect effects define the economic impact of a port in a country and continent. The magnitude and the structure of the economic impact is important knowledge for policy makers and businesses to base their decisions on for investments and for policy evaluation. Erasmus UPT has the knowledge and the tools to define measure and analyse the economic impact of seaports. Shown in several studies for individual ports, the yearly port monitor, and participation in international research on this topic.  

Projects on Economic Impact (selection of):

  • HAVENMONITOR: Yearly monitor of port performances in the Netherlands and the economic impact (2008-ongoing)

  • PORTOPTIA: Creation of an integrated knowledge base and management system of port performance (2014-ongoing)

  • RIJN-SCHELDE: Yearly monitor of port performances in the Rijn-Schelde Delta and the economic impact (2010-ongoing)

  • GOLD LOGISTICS REGION: Economic impact of transport network and logistic activities in the Venlo region (2012-2012)