Master City Developer

Recent market developments place special demands on professionals active in Large Scale Urban Development (LSUD) with respect to their required competences and skills. Organisations seek professionals with a broad knowledge of the field and the ability to anticipate and react to changing circumstances. They seek professionals with the ability to link content, processes and people. Master City Developer (MCD) enables professionals to develop these skills. The program is intended for (senior) managers of public and private parties in LSUD, but allocates talent spots for young professionals with clear potential. 

MCD has a track-record of over ten years in Large Scale Urban Development education and currently is the only accreditated academic post-experience master in this field in the Netherlands. MCD is a joint program of Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft and the Urban Development department of the City of Rotterdam. The Master combines an academic approach with practical relevance, resulting in permanent added value for its alumni. Through the highly-interactive curriculum students are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the current and future market. The program enable alumni to adapt to changing circumstances by providing them the analytical tools to recognize and respond to new trends in the market. 

Master City Developer offers the most inspiring, highly qualified teachers in the field. During a two year program these experts, both from the Netherlands and abroad, cover relevant topics related to LSUD such as: urban economics, the build environment, political science and sociology. The program addresses the overlaps in these domains, balancing the mix between theory and practice. The program is designed to foster personal growth and capacity building. As such, both the content of redevelopment plans, as well as the process and required skills are addressed. Knowledge transfer between professionals is an essential element of the program. The program starts each september, with a balanced group of professionals employed at real estate development companies, housing corporations, consultancy firms and government.
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