Conference organising committe

Local organising committee

Dr. Larissa van der Lugt
Conference chair
Maurice Jansen
Erasmus UPT
Prof. dr. Rudy Negenborn
TU Delft

Academic committee

Prof. Dr. Rommert Dekker
Academic chair
Prof. Dr. Carola Hein
TU Delft, Professor History of Architecture and Urban Planning
Prof. Dr. Albert Veenstra
TU Eindhoven, International Trade Facilitation & Logistics
Prof. Ir. Lóry Tavasszy
TU Delft, Freight and Logistics

The local organizing team will be supported by other affiliated academics from Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft:

  • Dr. Bart Kuipers, EUR – Erasmus UPT, Port Economics and Management
  • Prof. dr. Rene de Koster, EUR-RSM, Warehousing Logistics
  • Prof. dr. Harry Geerlings, EUR-FSW, Sustainability and Governance
  • Prof. dr. Frank Smeele, EUR – School of Law, Maritime Law and Transport Law
  • Prof. dr. Tiedo Vellinga, TU-Delft-CITG, Sustainability and Port Development
  • Prof. dr. Han Meyer, TU Delft, Urban Design Theory & Methods
  • Prof. dr. Eddy van de Voorde, TU-Delft-3ME, Marine and Transport Technology
  • Prof. Dr.  Yao-Hua Tan,  TU-Delft-TBM, Information & Communication Technology
  • Dr. Mark van Koningsveld, TU-Delft-CITG, Ports & Waterways
  • Prof. dr. ir. Bart De Schutter TU-Delft-3ME, Center for Systems and Control
  • Prof. Dr.. J.H.R. (Ron) van Duin, TU Delft / Knowledge Centre Sustainable Port-City / RDM Centre of Expertise