Innovation and Clustering


Erasmus UPT has a long expertise in the field of innovation and clustering. We have done studies on growth clusters; cities in the knowledge economy; the development of knowledge locations in studies; regional upgrading; industry-university cooperation; the relations between physical production and R&D and design functions; energy transitions in cities and trade fairs and innovation.

We are especially interested in the value added for individual firms and cities generated by R&D and creativity. We help our clients to develop the right conditions to generate this value added by investments in innovations systems, knowledge networks and urban experiments. Our case studies all over the world allow us to provide our clients with insights in developments on the regional level as well as on the global level and on the interaction between these levels.

Examples of projects

  • Stadshavens, from brand to market (2014-2015). Mixed methods study, including a large-scale survey research and GIS analysis, on the perception and development potential of the Stadshavens district of the City of Rotterdam. Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.

  • Energy transitions in Cities: Lifestyle, experimentation and change (2012-ongoing). International comparative study with in-depth case studies of Stockholm, Turin, Shanghai, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile and San Francisco. Commissioned by Enel.

  • Economic Perspectives for the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (2014). Evaluation of the current and potential relevance of the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport for the regional economy. Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.

  • Innovative Urban Development Strategies for Sustainable Competitiveness (2012-2014). International comparative study with in-depth case studies of strategies in various cities. In partnership with Euricur, PwC, IHS and the City of Rotterdam.

  • The Innovation Performance of Regions: Concepts and Cases (2012-2013). A qualitative comparative study on the conditions under which regional innovation ecosystems perform well, applying this knowledge to the case of Skolkovo (Russia). Commissioned by the Skolkovo Foundation. In partnership with UrbanIQ.

  • DISC - Dutch Initiative for Sustainable Cities (2011-2013). Case studies on knowledge locations and the role of design in Bucharest, Budapest and Cluj. Commissioned by Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • Climate Adaptation and the Regional Economy (2010). Mixed methods study into the economic opportunities of climate adaptation for the Rotterdam region. Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam. In partnership with UrbanIQ.

  • Developing locations in the knowledge economy (2009-2011). International comparative study with case studies of Dublin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Munich, San Sebastian and Incheon. In partnership with IHS.

  • The role of manufacturing in the new urban economy (2006-2008). International comparative study with case studies of Dortmund (metal-electro), Eindhoven (automotive), Munich (automotive), Ostrava (automotive), Paris (automotive), Porto (metal-electro), Rotterdam (food), São Paulo (automotive), Shanghai (automotive) and Turku (shipbuilding). In partnership with Euricur.