Anna Bornioli

Senior researcher transport and urban economics

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Anna Bornioli is a senior researcher specialised in urban walking, mobility behaviours and healthy built environments. All these themes are concentrated in specialised research in healthy cities. 

Healthy cities make happy people

Anna Bornioli has specific research expertise in urban walking and healthy built environments. For example: urban design influences walking behaviour. When pedestrians enjoy their surroundings they walk more and longer distances. This benefits their health. The design can measure the economic impact of urban stress on people. Therefore it is essential to design urban areas in ways that benefit health and happiness.

Research expertise

  • Evaluation of complex urban interventions;
  • Mobility behaviours;
  • Health outcomes related to mobility;
  • Influence of urban built environments on behaviours;
  • Benefits of nature and green infrastructure;
  • Values of cultural heritage.

Methodological expertise

  • Experimental research;
  • Measurement of multiple behavioural and health outcomes;
  • Longitudinal data analysis of large datasets;
  • Survey design;
  • Qualitative research (interviews, focus groups, urban ethnography, participatory map sketching).

Teaching activities

Anna teaches to and supervises Master’s level students from Public and Environmental Health, Geography, and Real Estate. She holds the UK Higher Education Academy Associate Fellowship;

Academic career

Anna’s PhD, completed in November 2017 at the Centre for Transport and Society (University of the West of England, Bristol – United Kingdom) explored the influence of urban environments on wellbeing outcomes from the pedestrian point of view.

Anna has a BSc in Economics from the University of Cagliari, Italy, a MA in Cultural Economics from the University of Bologna, Italy, and spent one year at City University London (Department of Economics) as an Erasmus student.

Recent collaborations and projects

  • Built Environment EEG and Mood Study: research assessing the health benefits of walking in urban environments using physiological (EEG) and psychological measures with the Centre for Public Health and Wellbeing (University of the West of England, Bristol)
  • Favourite Urban Places Study: analysis of the restorative potential of outdoor and indoor favourite built settings, with Enviwell Group (University of Tampere, Finland)
  • Bristol 20mph Evaluation: evaluation of the public health benefits of the 20mph speed limit introduction in Bristol, with the Centre for Public Health and Wellbeing and Bristol City Council.

Recent publications

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