Jan-Jelle Witte MSc

Researcher Transport and Urban Economics

Email address
+31(0)10 408 2464


Jan-Jelle Witte is a researcher and teacher at the department of Urban, Port and Transport Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Jan-Jelle participates in both national and international research projects, ranging from quantitative studies to comparative case-study based research. Besides academic research I am also devoted to bringing scientific insights to decision-makers and stakeholders outside the university, and have extensive experience in contract research and consulting for public and private clients. My research focus is the quantitative study of issues at the interplay of Urban and Transport Economics, particularly the attractiveness and accessibility of cities and regions. Research topics include transport policy, public transport, parking policy, the attractiveness of city centers and retail areas, and city branding. I have a special interest in Chinese urban and regional development and have conducted research in China. .


Main research interests

Jan-Jelle Witte’s research interests include the following themes:

  • Retail performance
  • Impact of accessibility and parking policy on retail
  • Modal choice, sustainable mobility
  • Quantitative study of parking demand
  • Quantitative study of city branding
  • Regional and urban development of China

    Recent research projects

    • International Image of Rotterdam and The Hague (2015-2016).

      Data analysis on the image and attractiveness of Rotterdam and The Hague in several countries worldwide, based on a large-scale consumer and business survey.
    • National Port Monitor (2015, 2016).

      Annual data analysis on the direct and indirect employment and added value generated by Dutch port regions, commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.
    • Evaluation of PUM Netherlands Senior Experts 2012 to 2015 (2015-2016).

      Mixed methods study including statistical analysis, with the aim to evaluate the effectiveness of this development assistance programme. Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Policy and Evaluation Department.
    • Economic flows in the DelTri region (2015)

      Cartographic data analysis using GIS, to map and analyze commuting and logistics flows in the DelTri region, in the South-West of the Netherlands. Commissioned by the DelTri regional cooperation organization.
    • Marketing plan parking garages (2015)

      Cartographic data analysis using GIS, studying the performance of parking garages in the City of Rotterdam. In collaboration with Spark, and commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.
    • Stadshavens, from brand to market (2014-2015)

      Mixed methods study, including a large-scale survey research and GIS analysis, on the perception and development potential of the Stadshavens district of the City of Rotterdam. Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.
    • Evaluation of the ORET transaction: delivery of commuter buses to Ghana (2014)

      Mixed methods study, including a large-scale survey research, to understand the usage and impact of commuter buses delivered by the Netherlands as part of the ORET development assistance program. Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Policy and Evaluation Department.
    • Feasibility Study and Activity Plan: Branding of the Fehnarmbelt Region (2013-2014)

      Qualitative comparative study on cross-border region branding strategies, commissioned by Fonden Femern Belt Development (FDB) through the INTERREG program.
    • Mobility Management 2.0 (2013-2014)

      Qualitative study on strategies to encourage firms to support sustainable commuting behavior of their employees, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.
    • The Affordability of the City (2013)

      A qualitative study on strategies for urban managers to secure the long-term sustainability of city finances, commissioned by the City of Eindhoven.
    • The Innovation Performance of Regions: Concepts and Cases (2012-2013)

      A qualitative comparative study on the conditions under which regional innovation ecosystems perform well, applying this knowledge to the case of Skolkovo (Russia).Commissioned by the Skolkovo Foundation.
    • Tourist satisfaction and expenditure in the Netherlands (2012-2013)

      A quantitative study on the satisfaction and expenditure of Dutch domestic tourists, and the role of the VVV as tourism management organization. Conducted for VVV Netherlands.


    Jan-Jelle teaches courses and supervises students at graduate and undergraduate (Bachelor and Master) level. He participates in the following courses at Erasmus University Rotterdam:

      • Seminar Urban, Port and Transport Economics – Bachelor in Economics & Business
      • Seminar Regionaland Transport Economics - Master in Urban, Port and Transport Economics
      • Quantitative Methods for Applied Economics
      • Bachelor and Master thesis supervision in Economics and Business

    Recent publications

    • Witte, J.J. and E. Braun (2015), Cross-Border Place Branding in Europe, in: Zenker, S. and B. Jacobsen (ed.), Inter-Regional Place Branding, Springer International Publishing: Cham (Switzerland)


    • Van Winden, W., Braun, E., Otgaar, A. and J.J. Witte (2014), Urban Innovation Systems: what makes them tick?, Routledge: Milton Park (UK)