Parking is one of the core themes of research in Transport Economics. Erasmus UPT has a large experience in research and advisory in the field of parking and is recognized as a major expertise centre both at national and international level. Research on parking includes both qualitative and quantitative research and focus on a variety of issues such as: Park & Ride; the importance of parking for the retail sector; parking policy on University campus; parking in residential areas; company parking policy (parkeren op bedrijfsterreinen) and the real estate value of parking. Recently Erasmus UPT and the Erasmus School of Economics have started a long-term project concerning advanced statistical analysis of parking data of the largest parking operator in the Netherlands. The main aim of this project is to have a better insight in the price elasticity of parking and in the factors influencing the parking production  

Projects on Parking (selection of):

  • DE NIEUWE KUIP: Mobility policy for the new stadium of Feyenoord in Rotterdam (2014-2015)

  • PUSH & PULL: Improve urban mobility by means of parking measures and mobility management (2014-ongoing)

  • ZWOLLE: The behaviour of parking (2014-2014)

  • Q-PARK: An analysis of parking price elasticity and factors influencing the parking production (2013-ongoing)

  • THE HAGUE: Residential Visitor Parking The Hague (2012-2012)

  • URBAN PARKING: The perception of the urban parking problem (2009-ongoing)

  • ROTTERDAM: The importance of parking for the retail sector in Rotterdam (2008-2009)