Real Estate and Area Development


Erasmus UPT is an expertise centre for real estate economics and area development. Our staff does research on all major real estate markets: housing, offices, retail, logistics and land. We combine quantitative (a.o. big-data analytics) and qualitative research on the full spectrum of the build environment. Our research ranges from the real estate assets market, to markets for new construction and property spaces. Our clients are real estate intermediaries, (local) governments and property developers.

Key expertise:

  • Valuation models
  • Automated Valuation Models (AVM)
  • Hedonic pricing of structures, amenities and accessibility
  • Vacancies and transformation
  • Land pricing
  • Area based development
  • Risk management

Erasmus UPT is founding partner of the Master City Developer program and has 15 years of experience in research and education in area based development. Our researchers regularly consult for real estate intermediaries, on real estate valuation and appreciation. Moreover Erasmus UPT researchers provide hedonic, spatial and repeat-sales analysis of relevant real estate transaction data. Erasmus UPT also provides qualitative analysis of urban area development (e.g. by looking at the development process and conditions for success), including (international) benchmarking studies with in-depth case studies or quick scans.

Examples of projects

  • Enjoy your meal: House prices and restaurants in Amsterdam (2016-ongoing): hedonic pricing study of restaurants in Amsterdam, using various data sources. To be presented at ERSA 2017.
  • Review of Valuation models: Colliers International Consultants (2015- ongoing): review done in 2015 and 2016 of the valuation models for residential and commercial real estate used by Colliers International Consultants. In this project the research team consulted on the mathematical consistency and market conformity of these valuation models.
  • Stadshavens, from brand to market (2014-2015). Mixed methods study, including a large-scale survey research and GIS analysis, on the perception and development potential of the Stadshavens district of the City of Rotterdam. Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.
  • House prices in Rotterdam – Project on sustainable value optimization of home prices (2013-2015): research into the value drivers of environmental factors in neighborhoods in Rotterdam. In this project multilevel hedonic pricing models are used to estimate the value drivers of home prices in Rotterdam. The results are used to evaluate policy to maximize the value of homes in Rotterdam. 
  • BESECURE - Best practice Enhancers for Security in Urban Regions (2012-2015). Development of an online tool for the cross-case analysis and evaluation of best practices in urban security. Commissioned by the European Commission (FP7).
  • DISC - Dutch Initiative for Sustainable Cities (2011-2013). Case studies on knowledge locations and the role of design in Bucharest, Budapest and Cluj. Commissioned by Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Developing locations in the knowledge economy (2009-2011). International comparative study with case studies of Dublin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Munich, San Sebastian and Incheon. In partnership with IHS.
  • Energy transitions in Cities: Lifestyle, experimentation and change (2012-ongoing). International comparative study with in-depth case studies of Stockholm, Turin, Shanghai, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile and San Francisco. Commissioned by Enel.
  • The Affordability of the City (2013). A qualitative study on strategies for urban managers to secure the long-term sustainability of city finances, commissioned by the City of Eindhoven.
  • Innovative Urban Development Strategies for Sustainable Competitiveness (2012-2014). International comparative study with in-depth case studies of strategies in Helsinki (World Design Capital), Barcelona (Mobile World Capital), Dublin (Dublinked), Antwerp (Spoor Noord) and Rotterdam (RDM Campus). In partnership with PwC, IHS and the City of Rotterdam.
  • The Innovation Performance of Regions: Concepts and Cases (2012-2013). A qualitative comparative study on the conditions under which regional innovation ecosystems perform well, applying this knowledge to the case of Skolkovo (Russia). Commissioned by the Skolkovo Foundation. In partnership with UrbanIQ.