Port Economics

Port Economics research at Erasmus UPT consists of four main research themes:

Our researchers focus on the translation of academic knowledge into policy advice and business solutions in the field of port economics, port management and port related logistics. Through our involvement in academic programmes like PHDs and by our embeddedness in both national and international academic research networks we are very well equipped to make this translation into highly valuable contract research.

Our internal Erasmus University Rotterdam network increases our potential research capacity and gives us access to high level academic knowledge in the relevant economic and management based disciplines, like contracting, entrepreneurship, strategy making, business economics, micro-economics, institutional economics, quantitative optimization and simulation. Staff at Erasmus UPT participate in Erasmus Smart Port Rotterdam, an interfaculty centre of excellence on maritime and port-related research and education.

Together with our own in-depth knowledge of ports and logistics and our vast experience in doing contract research and projects this results in research outcomes with sound quality and high level policy advice and innovative business solutions.