Retail and Mobility


Erasmus UPT has knowledge of - and experience with the combination between retail and mobility. Especially the relation between parking and retail has been analysed within different studies. Research on retail and mobility includes both qualitative and quantitative research and analyses amongst others the importance of parking for the retail sector, the relation between parking tariffs and retail performance and the influence of the introduction of paid parking on retail areas.  

Projects on Retail and Mobility (selection of):

  • RESOLVE (2016-ongoing): Reducing carbon emissions due to retail generated traffic (visit the project website or download the first newsletter).

  • TRANSPORT AND RETAIL: Relationship between accessibility, in particular parking, and retail attractiveness of urban areas (2011-2012)

  • ROTTERDAM: The importance of parking for the retail sector in Rotterdam (2008-2009)

  • Transport, Environment and Economy at urban level: the need for decoupling (2007-2008)