Programme Fit for the Future

Fit for the Future uses the MCA method:

Measure: You will fill in an online questionnaire prior to the training. This scan will be used to create your personal profile. You will receive this profile as a report during the training session. The scan is based on scientifically validated questionnaires.

Coaching: Group coaching. With no more than six participants in the group, we will discuss the results of your questionnaire. Working with the trainer and the group, you will explore your personal profile, your wishes and your options. Together, we will arrive at a clear interpretation of the results.

Action: Make a practical action plan with specific steps to realise your ambition. 


Personal effectiveness: self-reflection, acting flexibly

Realisation & evaluation: entrepreneurship


The training will be given by the firm Lurvink & De Jong.

Target group

This training is for you if you want to make a conscious decision to take stock of your work/activities without immediately moving on to a new position. Are you looking for new energy and/or better balance in your current job?

You already have a long career behind you, for example, and you’re experiencing stress or unrest in your current job. You have a strong desire to work, be fit, and increase your employability now and for the future.


Upon completion of this training you will receive a certificate of participation.