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Career & development

Erasmus University Rotterdam values your personal development. Therefore we stimulate and support you in actively shaping your own career and developing yourself in the direction or job that you aspire.

Career-development policies are created for both academic and support staff. For academic staff, the focus is on professional development and advancement within the academic positions. For support staff, the focus is more on the further development of skills and/or advancement through appointment to various positions within the EUR. 

4-months meeting

Four months after you started your job at Erasmus University you will receive an invitation for a personal meeting with your HR advisor or you supervisor. In this meeting you can indicate how you have experienced your first couple of months at our university. Positive and possible less positive aspects of your job and work environment can be addressed.

Performance and development cycle

During the performance and development cycle you will discuss to what extend you have achieved the targets set beforehand with your supervisor. You will also talk about your professional development and the possibilities of trainings.

I guided students in their work for Feyenoord. That way, I could monitor if they were doing okay and if the project was moving along succesfully.
Jenny Venhuizen
Temporarily worked at the FEYEUR project via Workspot
Mobility on our workfloor about From the International Office to stadium the Kuip


Erasmus University believes in the continuous self-development of its staff. As an employee, this increases your ability to be versatile in your work and promotes your advancement to positions that reflect your talents. Furthermore, for Erasmus University, qualified staff means good performance in a wide sense and the possibility to face new challenges. The Trainings- en Ontwikkelingsplatform (TOP; Training and Development Platform) of Erasmus University Rotterdam encourages and supports employees who want to grow both personally and professionally and want to get the best out of themselves and the organisation.

Personal Development Days

You are entitled to at least two personal development days each year (in proportion to the scope of your job). You are required to discuss the use of these days with your supervisor, a record of which will be made in your file.

Personal Career Budget

Are you considering to take a course to support your career ambitions? Or would you like to develop your skills in a different way, to prepare yourself for a different role or position? Use the Personal Career Budget. 

The Personal Career Budget is an annual budget – to the amount of € 500,- – that staff members may spend in support of their career ambitions. The budget can be used to fund products and services that contribute to the employee’s development to strengthen their future labour market position in line with their career goals. You are free to use the budget for a product or service that you think is necessary. Permanently employed employees and/or employees on a tenure track can use the budget for the following two years, up to a maximum of € 1,500.-.

Interested? View the rest of the conditions on MyEUR. If you have any questions, please contact the employee Personal Career Budget, Nanette Compeer via email ( or by calling +31 10 408 1337.