Erasmus University sets out to create a safe, respectful and healthy work environment. Your personal well-being is also important; aspects that affect it are the atmosphere in your department and the extent to which your work affects the balance between your workload and your capacity.   

Erasmus Vitality

Erasmus Vitality is a programme that aims to improve the physical fitness of its employees. The programme starts with a Health Check. The Health Check is completed with a report that elaborates on the results and your tests and physical examination. Furthermore, you receive advice about a personal training plan.

At the end of the Health Check you can decide whether you want to participate in the follow-up programme. Based on the results of the examination and your personal exercise preferences, a personal training plan will be drawn up in consultation with the sports medicine doctor.


Employees of Erasmus University can use the facilities of the Erasmus Sports Centre Woudestein. The Executive Board subsidises the sports card due to which staff can use the sport facilities all year long for an attractive price.


In case of injuries there is a physiotherapy practise at campus Woudestein. The physiotherapist advises and guides patients and treats injuries. Prevention is also one of his tasks.


Erasmus University pursues an active policy with regard to reducing absenteeism due to illness. The policy is intended to:
- identify the causes of absenteeism, and in particular the work-related causes
- provide support and assistance to accelerate the process of re-integration
- prevent absenteeism. 

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