Copying your ID

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Are you applying for a job at Erasmus University Rotterdam and asked to supply a copy of your ID? Then you can use the KopieID app to make a safe copy of your ID with your smartphone.

Making a safe copy with the KopieID app

You can use the KopieID app to delete the identity data that organisations do not need or are not allowed to process in the copy. You can also use the app to add a watermark to the copy stating the purpose and date of the copy. Can the copy fall into the hands of fraudsters at some point, for example as a result of a hack? Thanks to the KopieID app, it will be more difficult to use it to commit fraud.

Downloading the KopieID app

You can download the KopieID app in the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store or Windows Phone. The app is published by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Would you like to know how the KopieID app works? Then watch this video. (Dutch only)

KopieID app

Maak een veilige kopie met de Kopie ID App

If you do not have a KopieID app, you can prevent misuse of your ID in other ways.