Citizen service number

Citizen service number

Upon registration in the BRP the employee will be automatically assigned a Citizen Service Number (in Dutch Burger Service Number = BSN). The BSN is a personal number under which the individual is registered with the government. The BSN is required for, among other things, payment of salary, but also to open a bank account or purchase health insurance. The EUR needs this number in order to pay out a salary. 

Employees that stay in the Netherlands less than four months can choose to register with the RNI (in Dutch: Registratie niet Ingezetenen) as a non-resident in order to obtain a BSN.The registration in the RNI takes also place at the Civil Affairs desk at the city hall. The foreign employee has to visit the city hall in person and need to show a valid passport.

A citizen service number is of great importance in the following situations:

  • Having your salary paid;
  • Purchasing health insurance;
  • Opening a bank account
  • Renting a house/apartment
  • Having access to internet

BSN is essential to have in the Netherlands, especially in the beginning of your stay.

As illustrated by one of our international colleagues: “without a BSN you’re nobody within the Netherlands.”  

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