The Hague neighbourhoods


The Hague offers a diverse set of neighbourhoods to choose from for expats relocating to the area. The city is divided into 8 districts, each of which is further partitioned into different neighbourhoods. In general, the more prosperous neighbourhoods are found to the northwest of the city, while less affluent areas are typically located in the south and east. The area defined by the Archipel, Statenkwartier and Duinoord neighbourhoods is an extremely desirable and central place to live. Embassies, luxury villas, apartments and mansions are nestled amongst shops, restaurants and cafés, resulting in an exciting urban atmosphere.

The Archipel

The Archipel neighbourhood in the Centrum district is close to the town centre, museums and parks. The beautifully renovated, old houses found here are full of character and historic atmosphere. Rental prices reflect the area’s desirability and limited space makes parking a challenge.


Located in the city centre, the Statenkwartier neighbourhood in the Scheveningen district is filled with beautiful, spacious homes built in the early 1900s. The area’s plentiful Art Nouveau architecture, specialty shops and cafés make it a popular area.


Homes in the Scheveningen district, Duinoord neighbourhoods are typically smaller than those found in the Statenkwartier, but are charming and full of character. Much of the architecture dates from the late 19th century. Today, the area is known for its somewhat Bohemian atmosphere. Those looking for a less urban environment can find larger living spaces and more within the Haagse Hout district. This area is popular amongst families with children, as it provides easy access to downtown amenities while offering a quieter, more rural setting.


The Benoordenhout neighbourhood in the Haagse Hout district is a quiet mixture between urbanity and nature. Its woodland setting on the north and east sides belies its close proximity to the city centre and easy access to the motorways. Parking is plentiful.


The Mariahoeve neighbourhood is also located in the Haagse Hout district and offers a similar set of 1930s architecture, green surroundings and easy parking. The British Junior School is located here.

Other neighbourhoods popular with expats include Bezuidenhout (Haagse Hout), Marlot (Haagse Hout), Vogelwijk (Segbroek), the beach resort areas of Kijkduin and Scheveningen, Van Stolkpark (Scheveningen), Westbroekpark/Duttendel (Scheveningen), Belgisch Park (Scheveningen) and Zeeheldenkwartier (Centrum).

There are a lot of opportunities for international education in The Hague. Please find more information on the website of the The Hague municipality about the location of these schools.