Cost of living in the Netherlands

When considering moving to The Netherlands, it is useful to know more or less what to expect in terms of living costs. The good news is that living in The Netherlands offers a lot of value for money, and that no Dutch city can be found in the global top ten of world's most expensive cities. Even better: in Europe's top 40 of most expensive cities, only Amsterdam (biggest city with a population of some 820,000) is mentioned. 

In Rotterdam, the second largest city in The Netherlands with some 640,000 inhabitants, the cost of living is relatively cheap. Because that is highly dependent on the eye of the beholder, we can only refer to some sites where you can see for yourself by making (actual) comparisons:

It is important though, to warn you that the cost of (rented) housing is rising, quite fast since 2016. Especially in the so-called free or liberalised housing market (rents > € 710 ex utilities per month) and the big cities the average rental price per square meter has gone up considerably. 

MunicipalityRent per m2 (2017) in €Rent per m2 (2016) in €% increase
Almere9,678,15+18,6 %
Amersfoort10,279,59+7,1 %
Amsterdam18,4216,76+9,9 %
Arnhem9,428,64+9,1 %
Eindhoven10,939,85+11,0 %
Groningen10,3710,96-5,4 %
Rotterdam12,2511,12+10,2 %
The Hague11,2510,79+4,2 %
Den Bosch10,8610,27+5,7 %
Utrecht11,0113,74-19,8 %


Please also see our housing section, with some advice about starting as early as possible to look for adequate accommodation.

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