Medical care

Current facets (Pre-Master)

General practitioner

In contrast to many other countries, the first person to consult in the Netherlands for almost all medical assistance is a general practitioner (GP); in Dutch called ‘’Huisarts’’. If necessary, the GP, will refer you to a specialist.

As soon as possible, you should look for a general practitioner close to your residence. It is not advisable to delay this step until the moment that you actually need a doctor because some GPs may have a full load of patients and have no room for new ones. Therefore, it might take a while to find an available doctor.

In case of emergencies outside regular working hours (during weekends and on national holidays) you can call the “huisartsenpost”or the doctor hotline.

General information


A list with general practitioners in Rotterdam:

Other medical practices are:

In case of an emergency, call the doctor hotline: (010) 420 11 00.

The Hague

A list with general practitioners in the Hague:

Doctor hotline: 070-3110218 Information about general medical practices in the Hague: see the following link.

Medical centre:



In case you have a medical emergency of the type that requires first aid, you can go straight to the hospital to the EHBO(First Aid in Dutch: Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken) for assistance.

112: Emergency number

Dial 112 for police, ambulance or fire department. When the operator picks up, you will be asked for the address and city where you are calling from and a description of the emergency situation. This is an emergency number, to be used for urgent matters only.

0900 8844: Police Information

(local call rates)
At this number you can contact the police when you have a question or a problem which is not an emergency. Sometimes you might hear a message asking you to select your geographical region. If needed they will put you through to your local police office. Emergency numbers on:

  • Campus Woudestein is 010 – 4081100
  • Erasmus MC: *15 in case of fire, aggression, accidents, calamity, otherwise call 010 7034004.
  • ISS: 555