Entry visa (MVV)

MVV is an entry visa

An MVV is an entry visa for a stay of more than three months in the Netherlands. Depending on the nationality, an MVV may be required for entry to the Netherlands. This applies to the nationals of country groups III and IV on the country overview.

The application for an MVV is always for a specific purpose, such as employment. Note that PhD candidates / scholarship students must also apply for an MVV for the purpose of employment (not study). An employee or visitor may not enter the Netherlands until fourteen days before starting work in the Netherlands.

All visitors and employees of EUR have the possibility of obtaining the MVV via an accelerated procedure. The application procedure in such cases is started via EUR and includes the application for a residence permit (=VVR). EUR submits an MVV/VVR request for advice to the IND desk for labour and highly skilled migrants in Almelo. The IND decides on the request within two to four weeks. The following documents must be included with the application:

  • copy of a valid passport (pages indicating personal details and expiration date). Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of issue of the entry visa/MVV
  • copy of the letter of appointment/hospitality agreement;
  • copies of diplomas and testimonials (translated into Dutch of English);
  • evidence that the applicant has sufficient financial means (periodic payments that finance the stay in the Netherlands, for example, evidence of sponsor funds, scholarship or salary).

It is important to submit all the necessary documents with the applications in order to avoid delays.

In the event of a positive decision the applicant and employer will be notified that an official MVV application can be submitted to the embassy or consulate in the country of origin or permanent residence (see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). This must always be done by the applicant personally. In principle the MVV is issued immediately after the identity of the applicant has been established. Sometimes the applicant has to show a birth certificate (if applicable: provided with an apostille or legalisation stamp and verified if necessary).

Both the advice and the actual MVV are valid for three months. So after a positive decision the applicant has three months to go to the Dutch Embassy to for the official MVV. The MVV sticker is subsequently also valid for three months, within which window one should travel to The Netherlands. It is not possible to renew the MVV.

The fees for an MVV/VVR amount to € 285 for highly skilled migrants and € 171 for scientific researchers regarding the EC directive 2016/801; see also the IND website.

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