Overview of financial requirements

Sufficient financial means

The applications for an MVV, VVR and TWV all require the foreign employee to demonstrate that he/she has sufficient financial means. These financial means must come from a salary or grant/scholarship. For unemployed staff it is possible to use savings to satisfy this requirement. As amounts are indexed twice per year, the EUR advises to observe a slightly higher amount than the VisaGuide does in order to avoid problems, i.e.

  • a scientific researcher falling under EC directive 2016/801: € 1,250 gross monthly (incl. holiday allowance) for singles/single parent; € 1,704.24 for living with a partner;
  • € 4,410 gross monthly for highly skilled migrants older than 30 (excl. holiday allowance);
  • € 3,235 gross monthly for highly skilled migrants younger than 30 ( excl. holiday allowance);
  • € 2,320 gross monthly for highly skilled migrants after a search year or an orientation year for highly educated migrants seeking employment.

(Amounts Sept. 2018)