Residence permit (VVR)

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VVR is a residence permit

Stay in the Netherlands of more than 90 days requires a (regular) residence permit for a specified period (VVR). This residence document allows the foreign employee to demonstrate his identity, nationality and right of residence. People from most European countries (see country group I) cannot apply for a VVR. They can register with the local IND desk. 

Those who hold a VVR are free to enter and exit the Netherlands. Free travel is also permitted within the Schengen area . Stay in another Schengen country however is limited to a maximum of three consecutive months. A stay of longer than six months outside the Netherlands can be a reason for the IND to revoke the residence permit or not to renew it (in such a case it is concluded that the primary residence has moved).

Just like an MVV the VVR is always issued for a specific purpose. This purpose must correspond to the MVV (if applicable) which was used to enter the Netherlands.

Only EUR can apply on your behalf for the combined  MVV/VVR permit, allowing you to enter The Netherlands and stay here for work/research at EUR temporarily. The application form is filled in by the HR department and completed with all documents of the relevant employee. IND aims to issue decisions on applications submitted via the accelerated procedure within two weeks. In practice this often takes a bit longer.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands the foreign employee can visit the local IND desk to either receive the residence card or to provide biometric information (fingerprints, passport photo) and a signature in order to complete the residence card. In case the residence card has to be completed, the foreign employee will receive a sticker in his/her passport which can be used to show that his/her stay in the Netherlands is legal. The foreign employee will be notified that the residence permit can be picked up from the regional IND desk within two weeks.

Documents needed

The following documents must be included with the application:

  • a valid passport;
  • a statement that the applicant is willing to undergo a test for tuberculosis. This statement is not required for people from a number of countries ;
  • a letter of appointment / statement of scholarship / hospitality agreement;
  • an employer statement;
  • evidence that the applicant has lasting and sufficient means of support;
  • payment of the fees .

There is also the requirement that health insurance must be arranged in order to obtain a VVR. This requirement may also be satisfied after the VVR is issued.

The VVR is issued for a period of 5 years maximum. For employees who fall under the accelerated procedure the length of the employment / hospitality agreement determines the validity term of the VVR.

Three months before the VVR expires the applicant receives notification from the IND stating how the VVR can be extended. The application to extend a residence permit can only be submitted by the applicant personally and is processed by the IND in Almelo.

If the purpose of the foreign employee’s stay has changed, a new VVR must be requested by means of a form for change of restriction. This form can be submitted to the regional IND desk, unless it concerns the conversion into a highly skilled migrant or academic researcher. These applications are processed by the desk for labour and highly skilled migrants in Almelo.

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