Conducting P&D conversations for employees

Work at the EUR is important. Everybody’s work contributes to the whole and deserves attention. A Performance & Development appraisal (P&D) talk offers clarity on what is expected from you as an employee and why. A P&D conversation consists of a retrospective view, evaluation and development discussion sections. During the interview your performance, goal agreements and your development are evaluated and new goals are set for the next period.

This training provides insight into what you can expect from such an interview and which conversation techniques you can employ to make your P&D conversation a success. The training has a very practical set up and is tailored to incorporate the cases from individual participants. Each participant receives an opportunity to practice with an actor based on his/her own case. Apart from personal feedback, the trainer provides tips, tools and theory for conducting an effective P&D conversation.

Praktische informatie

Data:19 April 2018 (this training is in Dutch)
Tijden: 9.00 - 12.30 uur
Duur:1 session 3,5hrs
Locatie:EUR Woudestein
Kosten:The training is free for EUR staff. The fee for colleagues of EUR Holding will be EUR 200.