Programme Focus at selfmanagement

Concentration and focus exercises:

  • Working with positive attitude and negative thoughts,
  • Assumptions versus facts,
  • Mindfulness exercises,
  • Regulating thoughts.

 Self-awareness and reflection:

  • Recognizing habitual behaviour and responses,
  • Recognizing choices in behaviour,
  • Personal energy levels,
  • Coping versus avoiding of situations,
  • Listening with open perspective.

 Self management:

  • Circle of Influence and concern,
  • Qualities and pitfalls,
  • Types of stress and the process of stress,
  • Active problem coping,
  • Flow model,
  • Stress behaviour,
  • Values and priorities,
  • Attitude.


Personal Effectiveness, Resilience, Self-awareness and reflection, Flexible behaviour.


The training will be given by Kiki Vreeling of Ki2. 

Learning goals

Your own learning goals are central in this training. In every session you will be asked to discuss your personal situation. 


During the training you will receive training material. Also an audio will be provided for practising mindfulness at home.


After completing the training course, you will receive a certificate of participation.