Programme LinkedIn

You will get started actively on your profile using the laptop. Questions will arise naturally and we will achieve immediate results. You will receive a checklist prior to the 1st half day.

1st half day

  • LinkedIn backgrounds and social media impact
  • Optimising your own profile
  • Keywords for optimum search results
  • Demonstrating your added value
  • Obtaining more views and doing something with them
  • Mapping out your employment market
  • Searching for companies that are potentially interesting for you. 

2nd half day

  • Searching for a potential manager, colleague or other relevant contact
  • Converting second-line contacts into first-line contacts
  • Taking action when people view your profile
  • Blogging, posting and the effects of these
  • Selecting groups
  • Maintaining contacts
  • Writing personal invitations

3rd half day

  • Exchanging experiences, sharing successes
  • Solving problems, discussing dilemmas
  • Fine-tuning the profile and actions


Analysing & influencing: focus on your environment
Personal effectiveness: self-reflection
Communicating & influencing: presenting, written communication skills, networking skills.


The training will be given by Elton Backx, LinkedIn expert, on behalf of Maurice van Dijk Coaching.

Target group

The training is for those who already have a LinkedIn profile, wish to use LinkedIn more effectively, are searching for work and/or wish to build and utilise a professional network. The 'Brand & Network’ training is a supplement to this training.


After completing the training course, you will receive a certificate of participation.